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Folk Future

Jewel tones are making a comeback in home decor, and for good reason. These dramatic colors add depth and drama to any space, creating a bold and beautiful alternative to neutral color palettes.  The Folk Future collection features a whimsical, folkloric pattern, a modern watercolor botanical and lush textures in a range of richly layered jewel tones, all inspired by the beauty of precious gemstones.  The thoughtfully selected pieces in this collection merge to create an elevated aesthetic in the home.

  • Bold Colors draw attention, creating a focal point in a room

  • Easily paired with neutrals and earth tones

  • Blending different vibrant shades can create a stunning effect

  • Paint Colors

    • Behr – Cherry Cola

    • Magnolia Homes – Brushed Clay

    • Sherwin Williams – Cascades

    • Benjamin Moore – Crushed Velvet

    • Sherwin Williams - Inverness

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