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May 2024 Trend Groups

Trend forecasting requires a delicate balance of knowledge, expertise and intuition. At Culp Fabrics, we understand the nuances of the industry and we make it our mission to stay on top of the latest styles and designs. So whether you are a designer, a manufacturer or a retailer, we can help you find the right fabric to fit your needs.

Folk Future

Jewel tones are making a comeback in home decor, and for good reason. The Folk Future collection features a whimsical, folkloric pattern, a modern watercolor botanical and lush textures in a range of richly layered jewel tones, all inspired by the beauty of precious gemstones.  

M24 Desert Palm group 2.jpg

The Desert Palm collection brings the beauty of the outdoors into the home.  The verdant color palette in each unique design captures the essence of nature, allowing space to slow down, recenter and de-stress. 

M24 Vintage Vagabond group 6.jpg

The Vintage Vagabond collection features unique and thoughtfully selected fabrics that are perfect for the free-spirited among us.  Eclectic bohemian prints pair perfectly with simple stripes, rugged textures and classic plaids to add a touch of travel-inspired style to a room.

M24 Trend Summer Solstice group 1.jpg

Summer Solstice is a fabric design collection that embraces creativity through color, drawing inspiration from warm and earthy hues of the desert or a Tuscan villa.   Classic colors like caramel, terracotta, and clay layer in fresh, contemporary combinations to create a harmonious and visually pleasing space setting an inviting, energetic mood.  

M24 Trend Neutral Nomad group 1.jpg

The Neutral Nomad design collection offers a distinctive blend of modern prints, classic plaids and rich textures in layered warm and cool tones. The Mediterranean inspired sandstone, granite and travertine tones meld seamlessly to give a timeless sense of grounding and stability to a space.

M24 Trend Homespun group 1.jpg

The rich dimension of plush pile fabrics in the Homespun collection is a welcome compliment to the warmth of classic leather looks.  Mixing materials and layering textures is key to making any space come alive.  The calming palette of sandy neutrals adds a sense of relaxed elegance.

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