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Vintage Vagabond

The Vintage Vagabond collection features unique and thoughtfully selected fabrics that are perfect for the free-spirited among us. The cohesive styling of this collection makes it easy to create a unique and eclectic look, inspiring something truly one-of-a-kind. Eclectic bohemian prints pair perfectly with simple stripes, rugged textures and classic plaids to add a touch of travel-inspired style to a room.

  • Vintage style can be a fun way to modernize and freshen up a room.

  • In a bohemian space, the most prized pieces of furniture are those with history.

  • Mixing lots of patterns on fabrics, rugs, accessories

  • Paint Colors

    • Magnolia Home – Silverado Sage

    • Sherwin Williams – Cityscape

    • Benjamin Moore – Oxford Gray

    • Sherwin Williams - Sandbank

    • Behr – Sunwashed Brick

    • Behr - Basswood

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